Andy Czirok 
Danielle B., Chevrolet
I bought a used car from Stetler today with no credit and no money down and no payment until next month!!!! Andy Czirok was my sales consultant.  He was genuine and beyond helpful. Most of the other dealerships I went to made me feel uncomfortable.  They treated me as if I were their prey. Andy treated me as if I were his daughter. I could tell that he truly wanted to help me get a nice reliable vehicle for me and my children. He made sure that i got the best vehicle that was available for me with a low interest rate and monthly payment!! He took time out to make sure I understood everything before I signed any papers and he even showed me (per request) where everything was under the hood of the car. I was worried about the light color of the interior getting dirty and he gave me some tips on how to keep it clean. I can be a bit ocd about things....I saw 2 scratches and didn't like how the wipers wiped the windshield. I told Andy about it and he had it fixed to my liking right away. I'm so grateful Andy was there to help me. If you go to Stetler (which you should...they have more than Dodge, Chryslers and Jeeps) DEFINITELY ask for Andy!  Everyone else there seems really nice too so I'm sure they will do a great job helping you...but I can vouch for Andy. I signed all my papers with Mike (I think that was his name), he explained everything to me very clearly. He was also very nice. I didn't feel like I was signing away my soul like I had before when signing for a loan. Even the guys who fixed the scratches and my wipers were very friendly...and everyone else who works there that crossed my path were very polite. They all made sure my children and I were comfortable while we were waiting by offering refreshments, making sure I had been helped and even putting a movie on television for my children to watch. They definitely have a lifetime customer. I cant wait to get my next vehicle from them. This was the easiest painless experience buying a car ever!! Go to Stetler ask for Andy and tell him Danielle sent you. You won't be sorry!!!!